Open Mic This Weds (18th)

art farmers open mic. update

We have two open Mic. sessions to talk about. First is this Wednesday (18th April) at the New Beehive Inn 8pm. If you want to book on facebook, although you don't have to of course, follow this link: FB EVENT

Anyways... we are in need of sisterly input cause last session, which was well wicked, there were far to many men. Now its not that we don't like men, oh no, we love men... but it gets boring after a while counting the length of their beery beards into the hazy night.

Soooo... Its all about sisters this wednesday. Here's the callout:

Women of Bradford and the nearby north,
 art farmers needs you!

Our open mic night is lovely and ace, but last month there was only one brave woman performing! In an attempt to redress the imbalance the amazing Miranda Arieh will be hosting a matriarchal open mic this Wednesday at the new she-hive inn. Please spread the word to your women folk and girl kin! 

Boys and men are allowed and welcome to perform under the following circumstances:

a. they are accompanying a female performer or
b. they perform something that celebrates women (this can be reasonably abstract - if in doubt text me, I will act as adjudicator of suitability)

It would be great to see you all and celebrate. This Wednesday 18th April from 8pm (it's really at the beehive)

We have had two awesome reviews of our recent open mic events. the first was by Andy Abbot and you can read it in issue 4 of Howdo Magazine on page 45.

The second review was by an amazing chap by the name of Martin Christie who as luck would have it has just published a rather neat book on open mic's about the country. Its called, strangely enough, Open Mic Travels. 

Now we didn't make into this amazing book because he only found us after it had gone and been published but after a visit to our night of loveliness he did write this amazing review: ARTFARMERS AMAZING OPEN MIC REVIEW!

If you are a facebooker I'm sure both Martin and Howdo would love to get liked by you:

Threadfest 27th May @ Kalasangam
artfarmers opne mic. on tour

Finally a breif word about our artfarmers open mic. in May. It's special. It takes place from 1 - 4 at Kalasangam in St Peters House and will be part of Bradfords Threadfest festival. There will be drink, food... perhaps even a sunday roast. We have plans to ram raid a toby carvery on the way there... (joke)

More on that next time.
 TTFN and joy to all our woodland folk.

Drawing Club Goes Naked this Tuesday (17th)

Drawing Club @ Delius Arts & Cultural Centre

Tuesday 17th is an important date for the drawing club. Its the first time at Delius Arts & Cultural Centre that they will be drawing an unclothed model which is no biggie in itself but is interesting to note that this will be the first nude in the church space. Its going to be handled with up-most sensitivity by writer and poet Susan Vickerman who has a post graduate qualification in theology... The church seem to be happy as they consider that nakedness is next to godliness. 

They shall be taking the fig leaves off at 6.30 PM.
The theme for the session will be the work of Paula Rego.

To find out more visit: The Drawing Club

Psychegaelic Ceilidh at the 1 in 12!

art farmers present

[Awry] with Biscuit Head And The Biscuit Badgers" Thursday April 12 at 1in12

A fabulous night of music for your enjoyment as Edinburgh's finest psychegaelic ceilidh band Awry meet our amazing badgerdelic tubacore biscuits, with trippy visuals and decor by art farmers. Dance to pipes, fiddle, tuba and more. Free tab of acid* on your way in!

*Acetic acid

Open Mic

our open mic at the new beehive inn is rather amazing with performers, poets, artists and other wonderful creatures joining in. sometimes music, sometimes poetry, sometimes arty stuff, sometimes food, always fun for woodland folk. this was a shot from last week. to see more visit our facebook page: facebook
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Mary Hampton Cotillion

Acclaimed chamber folk artist Mary Hampton played at the New Beehive Inn for the artfarmers collective. The decor for Mary's stage was a beautiful winter scene created by Douglas Thompson and friends. The night was delightful! Mary said that this Monday night in Bradford was one of her favorite gigs of the tour.

To find out more about Mary Hampton please visit:

Omar Souleyman

Just before Christmas our friend Andy Abbott, fellow in music at Bradford University invited us to work on the student union space for the Omar Souleyman gig. We teamed up to create original paper cut wall hangings, projection and a wild woods set, bringing nature onto the stage for international musician Souleyman's surreal Syrian disco! 


Last November artfarmers joined forces with Raise the Roof and friends to create a large scale fire festival to celebrate the use of the urban garden site over the past year. The event included live music, a massive 20ft high burning man, a fire garden and a giant shadow puppet show accompanied by 20 live percussionists.

artfarmers open mic nights

artfarmers host a regular monthly open mic night which is  incredibly friendly and very well supported with a great variety of offerings. Find us in the back room at the New Beehive Inn. Next open mic is on 14th March 2012. It would be great to see you there!

If you want to find out more or get involved please visit artfarmers on facebook